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2016-07-09 00:34:24 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2


I'm Back, Baby

2016-04-13 00:55:59 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2


Surprise, Surprise.

2015-08-17 21:05:31 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2

Don't worry it suprised me too.

So, I think I might actually be submitting something to the art portal very surprisingly soon.  I didn't even think about it until I was finishing up a part of it, when I realized, "Hey, this isn't half bad!  Maybe I'll try my luck on Newgrounds."  So I might be doing it.  It's a sketch of Doc Brown, specifically the screencap used for the meme, but it may or may not have color, I've still yet to decide.  Well, it'll be a first, so who knows.  Maybe there'll even be a second submission.  Or a THIRD.

EDIT:  I've finally done it!  I have made an official submission to the art portal!  I am now an official artiste! Yay.  If you would like to view it, (and I strongly reccomend giving it good ratings as well) please use the link below!  Thanks!

Oh My Jesus

2015-07-02 13:22:10 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2

I'm about to make my 1000th post on the NG BBS.  Horee mudafuggin sheet.  AMAZING

This calls for a celebration!  Of GIFs!  Kermit the Frog GIFs!  And other Muppet GIFs!  Many Muppet GIFs!



...And I still can't figure out how to upload any pics to this new news post system.  I would ask the How To Forum, but then that would waste my 1000th post.  So my post and I will be boring. Thanks Newgrounds.5071464_143607017621_bolshevik-muppet-o.gif


EDIT: Luckily, some of my posts were deleted, so I can ask how to upload pictures on the how to forum.  YESSSSS, SUCCESS IN THE MIDST OF A FAILURE IS THE BEST SUCCESS

OH WHoops, my caps lock was on


EDIT#2: Welp, I figured it out.  So now my body is ready for the 1000th post.  Bout' time, too.



50 of my posts just fuckin disappeared!  WHAT THE CHINESE NOODLES

Now I gotta get 1,000 posts all over again!  Someone must pay for their crimes.


2014-10-20 17:34:48 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2




Webcomic or Not?

2014-09-19 21:18:58 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2

So, I have been recently been looking at a little hand-drawn black and white comic strip that I do by myself called "The Adventures of".  I really enjoy it and have been getting back into drawing it.  I started it a while back and then kind of rebooted it.  I now have around 60 comics of the reboot, which I started drawing about a year ago now.  I'm really liking it and am thinking about making my own website, smoothening the comics up, and making a webcomic out of them.  If I do it, I will probably start doing it sometime from late November to sometime in January.  I would of course try and submit it to Newgrounds' Art Portal if it does become a webcomic, so don't worry about me getting people to leave, as I could promote Newgrounds if I was allowed, and it would be my pleasure to. But again, I really am unsure about this, and I am not sure what I should do.  Please leave your serious opinion in the comments of what you think I should do and/or how you think I should do it.

UPDATE - If you want to know more about the comic brefore you say anything, then you can read this to know about the main characters who would be in the webcomic.  There are around 90 different characters,but most of them aren't main, though. The main cast consists of: B.R.O.(Big Round Orange), whose acroname says it all about him; Dudeman, a regular stick figure guy; Ninja Nigel, a ninja who acts pretty normal...usually; The FPA(Food Peoples Anonymous), a group consisting of three main members: Larry the Peanut, a happy-go-lucky peanut who doesn't have a care in the world and never gets angry or upset, also the founder of the FPA; Donut Man, Co-founder of the FPA, and loyal friend to Larry the Peanut, but he unfortunately keeps getting stared at hungrily constantly due to his donut for a head; and the third member of the FPA, Bob the Pickle, a fun-loving pickle who joined the FPA after hearing about it, unlike most people; Johnny the Cop, rival of B.R.O. and dutiful cop who tends to get a bit too silly at times and doesn't take his job too seriously, Hippobrit, a British Hippopotamus who is very hypocritical, even due to the fact that he can do almost nothing as well or better than most everybody, and tries to make himself look as good as he can; F.B.I.(Federal Banana of Investigation), a government agent, that usually takes his job seriously and puts it first, but every once in a while, he tends to have a bit of good fun when he wants to; Skeletonio, A sombrero-wearing skeleton that has his own famous talk show, The Skeletonio Hour, for which he has come quite well known for; Not Elvis, an Elvis impersonator who doesn't even know he's doing it, as he's never even heard of Elvis; Mr. Sun, Mr. Earth, and Mr. Moon, three space entity buddies who are so happy, they don't even know about anything that's happening around them, or what any of their actions cause; Little Timmy, a simple little boy who is the subject of all three antagonists' interest for unknown reasons; Mr. White Van (The van itself), a happy white van currently working for The White Van Man (The Man himself) by having as much fun as he can with Little Timmy, without even knowing of his employers' intentions of kidnapping Little Timmy; Stan the Pizza Guy, a normal guy trying to make a simple living by just delivering pizzas, but his boss won't stop sending him to the weird peoples' houses; Fat Guy Steve, a severely obese and under-educated man who cares about practically nothing but food, and owns a similarly attributed hamster named Taco; Boxxer, a cardboard box with a face that appears as if it were plastered on the front of the box, and with a severely low mental capacity, and rarely utters any words other than "I am a box", as if he were seemingly contemplating his own existence all the time; and Mr. Dead Fly, who, to be simply put, is a dead fly.  I hope this interested you some, and made you want to see some strips, which I'll try to get up when I can.

UPDATE:  I think I have decided I don't really need or want to make this a webcomic.  No big deal.

Thanks for reading and helping out,


New Account!

2014-06-13 12:08:06 by SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2

Hey! This is SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP2! If you're wondering, SNAPCRACKLEANDPOP1 was the name of my old account, but something happened and I couldn't get back onto it (And before you ask, no, I didn't get banned.)...  BUT ANYWAYS, I'll still be liking things in the portal, and hey, I'm hoping to upload some art or something if I'm able, but for now, I've got some catchin' up to do!

UPDATE - I'm finally done with getting all my info from my old account to my new one, so you don't really need to go back there, unless you're looking at all my reviews.  So, I'll probably get some art up here soon... Ok, probably not for a while, but, eventually I'll defininitely contribute something!